Do you have extra space in your home?

Do you need extra income?

Do you need to supplement your retirement?

Opening an Airbnb may be the solution you've been looking for!



Monday, July 30 – Friday, August, 3

During this 5-Day Challenge we will:

  • discuss the difference between a good and bad title, specifically noting the effects they may have on your listing.

  • outline what should and should not be included in your listing description with a strong focus on transparency.

  • advise on what sort of pictures are most effective for your potential guests and why.

  • review the TOP THREE THINGS THAT GUESTS WANT and how you can meet those needs.

  • provide and discuss important checklists that will help you get your listing where it needs to be.

By the end of the five days you'll have the foundation paved to the road of hosting with Airbnb.

I will be very transparent about how much we have made and what it has allowed us to do in life.  We have been superhosts for the last two years and have got this down to a system.  I will share all the tips and tricks that will make you successful.

I will even give you access to my templates and checklists so you can get going ASAP.

If your HOA or spouse says you absolutely cannot do this to increase your income, then perhaps you have a friend or family member who has a spare room, basement or rental house that would be a perfect fit. Please share the information with them.  They will buy you lunch, or dinner.


There is a large movement to buy rental units and convert them to Airbnb’s. Stay tuned and learn more about that stream of income.


  1. When you go to the registration page, you can sign up and find the link for the Facebook Group where we will be doing our live videos.

  2. You will receive a reminder email on July 26, and another email the day before the challenge begins, July 29.

  3. Every morning during the week of the challenge, Monday, July 30 – Friday, August 3, you will receive an email at 10:00 a.m. MST that includes information on what we will review for the day.

  4. At 2:00 p.m. MST (4:00 p.m. EST, 3:00 p.m. CST, 1:00 p.m. PST) I will go live on the Facebook group and really delve into the topics and awswer any questions you have.


We decided to host with Airbnb to help supplement our retirement income a couple years ago. Our children had become Young Professionals and lived all over the country.  We did some basic remodeling (although, you may not have to) and changed our basement into a fully functioning apartment, complete with a kitchen and separate entrance. 

It took some time and elbow grease to create our Airbnb but it is amazing how much it has enriched our lives, with not only new friends but also with a big bump in money.  We had owned rentals in the past and quite frankly, they were a pain in the fanny.  Hard to evict if they didn’t pay their rent and it seemed like there was always drama/trauma.  The guests who come to stay in “A Wright Place To Stay In Missoula” are vetted by Airbnb and the cash is deposited in our bank account when they arrive.  Slick as a whistle!

You may be wondering why I decided to start this five-day challenge

and teach people about the benefits of operating an Airbnb.  Here are

just some of the reasons:

  • You control the calendar—Our kids and grandkids always get first dibs.  We block off when we don’t want guests.

  • We have so many friends who thought they had planned for retirement and then a medical emergency throws them in a tailspin financially.

  • This is so much easier than getting another job.

  • The ROI (Return on Investment) is way bigger than a permanent rental.

  • We have made friends from all over the world.  

  • If your husband (or you) don’t really like to talk to people, you don’t have to!

Aug 01, 2018, 2:00 PM
Happy Hosting With Airbnb


“Judy and Dwain were terrific hosts. The apartment was updated and very clean. They had a wealth of knowledge of family oriented things to do in Missoula and the surrounding area. We would certainly recommend them to anyone going to Missoula.” 


—  Eric, Guest July 2018


Q: Do I need a certain amount of space to host an Airbnb?

A: No, in fact many people rent out just a room in their home.  Some people have a guest cottage that is separate from the house.  Some people are using their travel trailer or RV as a short-term rental. Some people are renting out their houseboats. Some people buy houses, townhouse or apartments as investments to rent out. Some people, like us, use their basement apartment when they have an empty nest.  What space do you have that could be making you money instead of storing old boxes of “stuff?”

Q:  How much time per week will I need to set aside to maintain my Airbnb?

A: Again that depends. We have a two bedroom, full kitchen, one bath apartment and it takes us two hours to do a sparkling clean job. We charge $40 for a cleaning fee, which is collected by Airbnb and deposited in our bank account when the guests arrive.  That means we pay a cleaning crew or we just do it ourselves. We have a checklist of what needs to be done before guests arrive.I have to admit, it is hard to find a cleaning crew that can come in between guests or does it as good as you can, but if you look around, you can find one that even specializes in Airbnbs.  In terms of managing the calendar, communicating by email with guests etc. that is usually an hour or two per booking sending out emails etc.

Q: What happens if I go on vacation?
A: That is the beauty of passive income. You will be earning money, even when you are not there.  You can hire a property manager or co-host who will do the overseeing for a percentage of the income. You can also block out the whole  period you will be gone. You may even want to switch rentals with another Airbnb host in the city you are visiting. It is also possible to find co-hosts or managers.  So many options to open up your life when you decide to become a Happy Host With Airbnb. 

Q: What should be included in a description?

A: The complete truth.  If you post that you are a block from the ocean, you better be sure you’re not five blocks.  If you have noisy dogs or loud music from a bar in the neighborhood, you need to say so. Some people will want to be near Guests will not mark you down if you are very open and honest about what you have to offer.  We are going to be discussing this in Session Two of the five-day challenge.  Of course, we go into much more detail and devote an entire module to it in the online course found at  

Q: Do photos need a caption?  

A: Yes, because this allows you to go into detail about the property and how your guests will enjoy that particular aspect of your Arbnb.  Here is a surprise for you—The most important photo is of you!  If you are smiling and approachable, the guest will continue on with the description and price.  If you do not use a photo or use an avatar, guests will assume that you are hiding something and will not read further.  We are going to be discussing photos, how to shoot them at the best angle and what to include in your photos on the third day of the five-day challenge. We also have a full module taught on how to take photos with your phone and upload them to your description in the online course being offered at   When you take the full course, you are part of a private group on Facebook with other hosts and wanna be hosts.  We share ideas, what is working, what needs to be improved and mutual benefits of having a sounding board to share our successes and our dilemmas.

Q: What’s the difference between a good title and a bad title?

A: Bookings!  Which would you choose to click on: 2bdrm. 1 bath. Near city   or Beautiful Full Apartment Close To Ocean or Biscuits, Bison and Great Beds!!! Or ….. add more here!

Q:  How should I keep my calendar organized?  

A: Ahh, once again, this is easier than you would think.  Airbnb does all that for you.  If you want to block out a weekend or week for family or friend, than you just block it out and Airbnb does not schedule any guests for that time period.  The guest can see the calendar, you can see the calendar and Airbnb can see the calender.  This is so slick.  You may decide at some point to expand your circle of potential guests and list your property with FRBO (For Rent By Owner)  TripAdvisor or others.  All of the calendars link up and you will never be double booked.  It is much easier than you have probably been anticipating.

Q: What do guests want in a short term rental?  
A: This is the topic for day four of the five-day challenge.  Be sure to tune in to learn that the number one is. ………surprise…. cleanliness!  Yep, cleanliness is number one of the list. People choose a short-term rental or Airbnb for the experience of staying in a neighborhood that is close to their activities and to find a warm and homey environment.  They no longer want the sterile (?) hotel room that looks just like the hundreds of others all over the world.  They want to know that they can believe the description about their Airbnb and relax while they are traveling.  They also value the connection with the host (don’t be nervous if you are not a people person—this is done online.)  We are offering the top three things guest want in session four of the five day challenge and then really expanding on that in the module of the online course  Also, don’t forget when you take the course, you also get the Facebook private group where we share and I continue to post new information I have learned from being in forums and partnerships with other successful hosts. 

Q: I’m super busy and still working and not sure I can take this on, can I? 

A: Absolutely, what you are feeling is exactly what we felt two years ago.  My husband is not a people person and I was still working full time.  However, we had an empty nest and a basement filled with exercise equipment we never used.  Why not take advantage of that space and supplement our income.We created a checklist of things that needed to be done before each guest arrives so we could hand it off to the cleaning crew (a couple of teenagers in the neighborhood) and we would not forget anything.  Then I also wrote a few emails and welcome letters to the guests that were in template form in a file on the computer.  It is easy to click on what you need to send the guest without re-inventing the wheel.  I will be sharing all of those templates with you during the online course Hosting  I will also be touching on checklists on day five of the five day challenge.  You will be glad you attended and so will we.

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