Shawn Rosscup, Estate Attourney

Judy is a very sensible and sensitive woman who utilizes common sense and life experience in her work.

Denise Fleck, Sunny-dog Ink

I've had Judy on my Pet Safety Crusader Radio Show, spent time with her personally and have found her to be a delightful soul! Passionate and thoughtful, she can make your journey through difficult times a learning and growing experience that heals the heart and inspires you forward.

Steve Lerud, Lerud Productions

I had the opportunity to work with Judy when she visiting in my area. She has the soul of an artist! Definitely an Intuitive Wise Woman. I highly recommend her.

Kathy Cambridge, PLAN4IT EVENTS, LLC

Judy is an amazing woman both personally and professionally. She has a natural ability to connect with people. I would highly recommend her.

Lisa, SurvivorEyes Inc

Life is complicated, and many times we need someone to help us unscramble the emotions in order to move forward and enjoy life. Judy Helm Wright offers a safe and loving place to share, with a focus on providing compassionate feedback that guides us to an enlightened & loving place from which to move forward. Her books are full of life's lessons, from a knowledgeable and experienced point of view. 

Annette, O'Leary SEO

It is rare that you will come across a marvel like Judy Helm Wright. Her books will tell you that. She can reach out to people and find the words they can’t seem to put together in their minds. She writes what we never thought of before, but somehow in the back of our minds we always knew. Judy is a coach and mentor to us all, children, teens and baby boomers alike. 

Gloria,Real to Reel

Judy is a thoughtful and loving person and is the best at what she does! She is a former colleague from the Association of Personal Historians. Check out her books and other publications

Maximum Response Marketing

Judy is such a down to earth person and has a heart for serving others. I count it such an honor to have met her.

Roemer's Point Tire and Auto Service

Whenever I read something Judy has written, I invariably think to myself, "Yes - that makes so much sense!" Judy reminds me of my favorite aunt when I was growing up because she is incredibly down to earth and has a very common sense approach to issues we all face. She views life and people from a very positive angle, and I think we can all learn from that. Judy is a gem of a person and she is super involved in our community

Dorothy, Genesis Consultants, Inc.

It is my pleasure to recommend Judy Helm Wright. Judy's commitment to bringing information to the world is commendable. Her vast knowledge and experience culminate in her business ventures Founder/CEO/President at Artichoke Press LLC, Death of My Pet-I Lost My Best Friend Today Author, Professional Speaker and Trainer at Artichoke Press.com Family Coach, Best Selling Author & Wise Woman at Motivational speaker You will be in good hands with Judy.

Living Art of Montana

Judy and her family have been active in the Missoula community for many years. She was a founding member of Montana StoryKeepers, has authored over 20 books and taught parenting classes at Families First. She has a wealth of knowledge and diverse passions and brings all of that creativity and insight into her current endeavors. Thank you Judy for everything you offer to the Missoula community!

Sally Jo Beck, MASC Studio & Training Agency

Judy has been guiding and supporting Missoula's community individuals as well as grass roots operations and causes for many years. She has a genuine care for people and the overall health of our special community. Thank you Judy, for your unique and impactful work in the Missoula Community! 

Nathan Hansen, Re:Industries Consulting Group

Judy has a wide range of talents that are not only limited to what services she provides. She is intuitive, has a great mind for business and has helped more people get published than I can count. I am typically very critical on my reviews but Judy is both a delight as a professional and as a friend. It would be 5 out of 5 stars if I could give them to her. Thank you, Judy!

Janet, Imed Advantage

Judy has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to family relationships and raising children. Now she has turned her attention on pets and our relationships with them. Having lost a beloved pet myself, I know that Judy understands how to help pet parents deal with loss and grieving, as well as many other aspects of our interaction with our pets. Judy is a strong, energetic lady with a lot to give to others--get to know her--she's awesome!!!

Pet Perennials

Excellent information regarding pet loss... a very caring soul!

Idea Creations Press

Friendly and eager to assist me in my own business.

Alsup Insurance, Pllc.

Glad to see Judy Wright doing this - she is awesome at whatever she does! 

Travelers' Rest State Park

Judy is a wise and compassionate woman who knows, how to support every member of the family...including the furry ones

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